Christina Lake for the Summer

In British Columbia is a beautiful mountain lake where we own a cabin.  The girls were happy to travel for the year as long as they could spend their summer at Christina Lake.  It was sure nice to call somewhere “home” for more than a week and not to have any future planning or homeschool that had to get done.

The excitement at the lake this year was the mother black bear and her two cubs.  We saw them a few times wandering through.  One day they spent the afternoon

Black Bear on Cedar Tree

The truth cam catches the moment as the cub climbs out of the cedar tree

treed up the big cedar tree between our cabin and Bob’s brothers.  This was a shot from our remote trail cam as the cub climbed down.

We don’t have many pictures from the lake this summer as we are a little pictured out.  I picked this picture since it has a bit of our cabins in the background. In the foreground is Kaylee, slalom skiing.  This is not any easy task but she was willing to keep trying until she got it (good job Kaylee).

On return to Calgary, we made a day trip up to the Kananaskis Country (just over an hour from our door).  You know, there are a lot of amazing things here Western Canada (can I entice anyone to come visit?).

Kananaskis Lakes from the look-out tower

Next post I will dedicate to all the questions that people have been asking us…  “What was your favourite country?”, “What was the scariest food you ate?”, “Where would you want to go back to”?

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